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Worlds Biggest Jumbo Showbag

Worlds Biggest Jumbo Showbag

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Code: 000023

Showbag Includes;
10 x Rager Dynamite Drops Sour Candy Assorted Flavours
10 x Radz Fizz Bombs Blast Drops Assorted Flavours
10 x Short Circuit Sour Buzz Bombs Assorted Flavours
12 x Mega Tattoo Bubble Gum Assorted Flavours
10 x Radz Mouth Painter Sour Candy Assorted Flavours
10 x Rager Sour Filled Gum Balls Assorted Flavours
165 x Mentos Candy Assorted Fruit Flavours
40g Kings Crinkle Cut Chips
Fairy Floss
TNT Apple Shock Bars
TNT Red Raspberry Shock Bar
TNT Cola Shock Bar
Ka Bluey Blue Rasberry Blast
Aftershock Triple Dipper
Zappo Sour Grumpy Dip
TNT Tutti Fruity Bubble Gum Bar
TNT Ka Bluey Bubble Gum Bar
Sour Gummy Ears 30g
Triple Pack Oreos
375ml Soft Drink
56g Giant Bubble Gum Stick
***Also These Great Noveties Included***
Icky Sticky Hand
Whoopie Cushion
Large Inflatable "World`s Biggest Jumbo" Bat
Phantom Comic
Icky Sticky Wall Walkers
***Over 245 Items In This One Great Bag***



August 7th to 16th
Brisbane 'EKKA"
7th to 16th August

Ghost Drops
Ghost Drops
Lady Bug
Lady Bug
Full'O Fizz
Dinosaur Rules
Dinosaur Rules
Puppy Love
Puppy Love
Warning Showbag with Warheads
Warning Showbag with Warheads