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Gag Big Bag Showbag

Gag Big Bag Showbag

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Code: 000010

Showbag Includes;
Knife Through Head Gag
Icky Sticky Window Walkers
Squirt Eye Glasses
Disappearing Blood Soap
154cm Inflatable Jumbo Super Bat
TNT Slime Time Liquid Candy
Aftershock Triple Dipper
10 Pack Radz Mouth Painter Sour Candy
Radz Spooky Stamps
TNT Cola Shock Bar
Ka Bluey Blue Raspberry Bar
TNT Red Raspberry Shock Bars
TNT Apple Shock Bar
TNT Tutti Fruity Bubble Gum Bars
TNT Ka Bluey Bubble Gum Bars

Plus Your Choice Of One Of The Following Items:
Robotic Snake
Rotating Barrel Rapid Fire Dart Gun
Fluoro Coloured Fluffy Hat with Tails and Pockets
50cm Giant Inflatable Velour Ball USA Basketball Colours
Large Soft Plush Bright Eyed Panda
Large Soft Plush Monkey
Large Soft Plush Giraffe
Night Vision Glasses
Battery Operated Scatter Gun with Bullet Belt
Battery Operated Cyber Dog



August 7th to 16th
Brisbane 'EKKA"
7th to 16th August

Dinosaur Rules
Dinosaur Rules
Puppy Love
Puppy Love
Warning Showbag with Warheads
Warning Showbag with Warheads
Ghost Drops
Ghost Drops
Full'O Fizz
Lady Bug
Lady Bug